Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Comma, MD

That's all folks!

After 4 years, good times, tons of learning, and mucho tuition going to Stanford, it's official...I, Katherine Hill, am a doctor. I still can't really believe it. I'm still getting used to my new last name after getting married 2.5 years ago. The "MD" at the end of my name will be even harder to get used to. I've been a student for literally 92.85% of my life, so actually having a title and a paycheck is gonna take some getting used to. But I'm pretty sure I'll get used to it just fiiine!

A happy me with my awesome get-up and a $200000 piece of paper

So I guess since I'm no longer a lowly med student, my blog needs a new title..."Trust Me, I'm a Med Student" will now be "Trust Me I'm an Intern"!

Please also note my new URL:

Oh, and I've already met my co-interns and started orientation for residency. They're really awesome people and I'm so happy to work with them over the next 3 years!  

Wish me luck next Monday. I start intern year in the Pediatric ICU! Eek! 


  1. Love reading your blog, congratulations. :)

  2. I love reading your blog and can't wait til I start Edmonton medical school! The new name would be funny!

  3. Well way to go! It sounds hard earned and well deserved! My son is in his final year of Edmonton medical school, so we're beginning to feel that buzz of excitement for his graduation

  4. What would be your advice for future med school students? I am trying to get in to an Edmonton medical school and I would love some advice.

  5. Is there an email where we can contact you for advice?

  6. Congratulations! That's awesome to hear!

  7. Congrats!! Going to your new URL to follow along on your intern adventures!

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