Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dr. Richard Besser

Hi lovely blog readers! I'm continuing to enjoy the first lull in my schedule in a long time...or ever. Thank you, 4th year!  I'm spending a week at home in Atlanta with the fam.

A friend of a friend who works for the CDC asked me if I'd like to meet Dr. Richard Besser, who is the former acting director of the CDC (during the H1N1 outbreak in 2009...eek!) and currently ABC New's chief health and medical editor. He also is a board certified Pediatrician, having trained at some place I've never heard of named Johns Hopkins. Perhaps it's in the Carribbean? He also has a new book out called "Tell Me the Truth, Doctor."

I've always been skeptical of TV docs. After all, I have a bias that most doctors who give up seeing patients to get their pretty little face on TV probably don't always have improving health at the top of their to-do lists: 1. Blow-out. 2. Teeth-whitening 3. Spray tan 4. Botox 5. Another teeth whitening 6. Practice smiling in the mirror 7. Oh wait, I'm still a doctor? I forgot!

But I was very impressed with Dr. Besser. He apparently only got on TV because he was so good at giving interviews during the H1N1 outbreak while at the CDC that ABC News recruited him to be on air (plus he's not too bad looking either). In his new book, he answers commonly asked medical questions using REAL DATA from REAL, LEGITIMATE STUDIES. I flipped through it and actually agree with what he says. This is quite unlike some other TV docs who create their own pop-science studies that forget all aspects of the scientific method to scare the American public into believing Raspberry Ketones (the company of which funded this TV doc's skewed, kindergarten level study) will help you lose 57 pounds in 3 days without diet and exercise!

Anyway, it was refreshing to learn that at least somebody on TV representing the medical profession has his act together. Nobody can argue with his credentials. And best of all, he still manages to see his pediatric patients once a week. Great meeting you, Dr. Besser!


  1. HA yes! Real studies and real science!!!! I love your mention about other TV docs who create their own science! So true! Cool post!

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  3. I'm glad you mentioned your observation about TV docs. I'm not a doctor; however, I came to the opinion that some are not doctors anymore. They are entertainers.

    I was blocked on fb by "some" TV doctors because I said that about them.

    Still, while channel surfing, I happened upon them and got a good tip regarding an alternative treatment that may help me with my Arthritis pain.

    I'll try just about everything rather than have surgery.

    They do bring up alternative methods and supplements and I am glad they do. I have a doctor that prescribes supplements for me. I get them on prescription. Their cost comes out of my pocket. Insurance will not pay for them.

    As for the rasberry ketones' chews, I have them and when I get a sweet tooth, I eat one or two chews and they satisfy my need for sweets.

    I doubt that they actually help in losing belly fat and weight loss, though.

    I like your style and my thinking is that your humor is "tongue-in-cheek" or good-hearted ribbing.

    By the way, I have vision difficulties and I tried the voice part to type the code and I couldn't understand one thing about it. I'm not hard-of-hearing; however, I might as well be as the voice part is not helpful at all. :-)

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