Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Livin' the dream

Ahh, the life of a 4th year. For the first time in my memorable life, I have nothing I have to do. Well, that's not entirely true, but I have so little to do that it feels like just about nothing.

To complete my med school requirements, I have one half day of clinic left and one presentation to give. Then, that's it! I'm supposed to be ready to be a doctor. Am I? Let's just put it this way. Please don't go into cardiac arrest when I'm the closest thing to a doctor around. I'm technically trained to save you, but please, just don't. Well-child checks on the other hand? Bring em on!

So how am I spending my final days before I become an intern?

- Sleeping, a lot. To a pathological degree. Hypersomnia, I believe, is the term.
- Working out. Yes, I've actually been working out. In fact, I'm finally working out as much as I counsel patients they should work out. Secret of medicine: your doctor is a hypocrite and probably leads an unhealthier lifestyle than you do.
- Being a good little barefooted housewife. Cooking for the hubby. Going to the grocery store at 10 am when there is nobody there. This is seriously one of my favorite things about having (almost) nothing to do. It's just me and the housewives at the Whole foods. My cooking ain't no gourmet specialty, but I think the hubby is going to miss it when all I made for dinner is sardines. From the can.
- Fun with friends! I've really loved catching up with several of my favorite people who I hadn't seen in quite a while. This included a Vegas trip with my old college roommate.
- Doing taxes! Ok, this one isn't so great.
- Buddy!!!!!  I am fostering the most adorabelist little puppy named Buddy, a six month old Mutt with a capital M. He was found roaming the streets of Sacramento. In other words, he's the cutest little gangster that you ever did see. The only problem with fostering a dog: I want to keep him. But can I really have a dog and be an intern too?

The best thing about livin' the 4th year dream? I may actually be ready to be an intern when this summer comes!

Buddy the Wonder Dog


  1. Good luck in your career as a Doctor!

  2. Great Blog, im about to start school at an edmonton medical school and im super nervous so its nice to read all your stories and experiences, keep it up and good luck!

  3. Good blog.Thanks for the great info and the sharing of your insights. Good luck for your intern.

  4. Hi Katherine!

    I love reading your blog! I am going to be a freshman at UC Davis next year and I am really interested in a career in medicine. I was wondering if I could have your email so I can ask you some questions I have about med school.

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