Friday, April 26, 2013

Dr. B's Reflections on Stanford Med

A friend of mine from medical school posted this on Facebook. Thought I'd share his amazing experiences at Stanford Med because you're probably sick of hearing about mine. By the way, he matched at Hopkins in Neurosurgery. Can you say "baller"?

Last day of med school! Here are some pearls from the past few years:
- Delivered 13 new bundles of joy.
- Flew in a jet with the cardiothoracic surgery team to harvest a heart. Then scrubbed in on the transplant.
- Performed CPR for 9 minutes on a patient in cardiac arrest. Brought him back. He walked out of the ICU 5 months later.
- 24/7 neurotrauma call x 7 straight days at SF General, 55 nights in hospital over 90 days of neurosurgery rotations. Learned that there are no limitations.
- Uganda. And soon, China.
- Made sure a patient made it to his 100th birthday. He rewarded me with a bottle of two buck chuck.


  1. Awesome! Katherine, by any chance do you have an account on student doctor network?

  2. Hello

    I'm Dongheun Choi , 4th grade medical student from South Korea.

    I'm Visiting To Stanford Outpatient Center. I will be Sports Medicine doctor. I love playing soccer,kickboxing, and so on. I was MVP on Medical Soccer League in my country. However,8 months ago I got ACL rupture and had surgery. That is why I would like to visit here.

    I am enjoying all of life here,but I want to make a friend or know life of stanford medical student.

    Can you introduce somebody who is interested in my story?? My email is

    Thank you

    Good Luck

    Dongheun Choi

  3. Hi Katherine,

    Thanks so much for your blog. I am a first year medical student at OHSU also interested in Pediatrics. Congrats on Stanford Peds they are amazing! I found your blog almost a year ago and have been reading since then. I hope you continue writing in residency as I would love to get a glimpse into what my future life will be like! Thanks again!


    1. Thanks Michelle! Hope you do choose Pediatrics. Good luck at OHSU! I've heard great things!

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